*Boarding dogs will be able to play ALL DAY
during daycare hours.

* Cage-Free suites available by request and
What is Cage Free Boarding?
Cage Free Boarding is a wonderful alternative to a
kennel in which your dog sits and waits, sad and lonely
and play all day with their Canine buddies. At night, you
have the choice for your dog(s)  to stay in one of our
cage free doggie suites*, or if your dog is crate trained,
they may sleep in a crate.  This provides a nice, quiet
place for retreat after a long day of fun and play. We
have 24 hour monitored burglar and fire alarms. Only
dogs from the same household may stay in Suites
together, everyone else is separated at night.

~Boarding dogs must be dropped off no later than 9:30
am on the morning of boarding, so that they can tire
themselves out by playing all day, before going to sleep
at night.
-- You may bring ONE blanket or something comfortable
for your dog to sleep on. If you choose not to, we will
provide comfy beds and fresh linens
-- You may bring ONE toy per boarding dog.
-- Please bring enough food for your dog’s entire stay. If
your dog runs out of food, we will automatically use the
brand of food we sell , Verus, which is an all natural
brand of dog food, and the charge will be added into the
boarding fee.
ALL dry food must be brought in a plastic container
(Tupperwear, etc.). If food is pre measured in
baggies, baggies need to be put into some type of bin.

Boarding prices are as follows
* $37.00 per night
* 2+ dogs from the same household -
$32.00 per night per dog.
* Dogs who attend daycare 4 or
more times per month - $32.00
*Senior Citizens - $32.00 per night

Boarding Pick Up
If dog is picked up before 10:30am on the day of pick
up, Monday through Friday there is no charge. If your
dog is picked up by 1pm you will be charged for a half
day of daycare and after 1pm you will be charged for a
full day of daycare.
-- Saturday Pick up is between
7:30am-1:30pm then again from 6:30-7:30pm. If dog is
picked up by 9:30am, there is no charge, by 1:30 you
will be charged $10.00 per dog and between 6:30 and
7:30 you will be charged $15.00 per dog.
-- Sunday pick up is between 7:30am -12:30pm. If dog
is picked up by 9:30am there is no charge, if picked up
by 12:30pm there is a $10.00 charge per dog and if
between 6:30-7:30 there is a $15.00 fee per dog.
Marcus and Obie demonstrating
nap time
Bella and Ebony snuggling up at
bedtime ;o)
Cruiser and Honey the
Greyhound sisters getting cozy
in their Furry Tail Suite.